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Scene Title: Czech Mate Part 2

Storyline: Johnny Sins and his colleague Kory Fame are US govt. agents running after fugitve Voodoo. After a wild goose chase in the Czech Republic, they end up in a ranch with no leads. Johnny is horny from all the adrenaline and finds farmer girl Tina Gabriel forking some hay. She's never seen an Big American Cock before and Johnny gave her a first taste of America in her own backyard!

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What people are saying about: Tina Gabriel - Czech Mate Part 2 pornstarslikeitbig scene

Comment #1

Look at the ABS on Johny (silver surfer) Sins!....And Czech republic girls rule 99.99999% of the time! so you know this's gonna be gooood!

Comment #2

Did that photo of Voodoo say "Gary Dell' Abate" ?? lolol. This was a good sequel to the first. European broads have the nicest naturals and Tina is no diferent. That pic you have as the preview doesn't do her any justice because she's damn cute. Great fuck and suck too. Another positive is the outdoorsex. The only negative, the lead sex was basically non-existent a opposed to the grand setup leading up to the sex in part 1. Still a good pornstars like it big scene and yeah, at least give them water pistols or something. Any other similar scenes in the works?

Comment #3

Tina didn't have the looks like Daria has. However she does have some serious sex appeal. The way she moved, walked and stared at Johnny was a thing of beauty. I mean yeah she didn't have any ass but this chick knows how to rock some cock. Helluva performance by both performers. I thought every position was hot. Nothing is hotter than seeing the Greek God naked in all his glory. For minute I actually thought that Johnny was gonna make a move on her. So these guys aren't going to have guns. That's fine but they needed to have a photo when asking have you seen this guy. Snoogans!

Comment #4

Tina is hot. Her look is European, it's a bit different from the usual but that's fine. She worked that scene pretty hard. The setting may have been the only bad part. Other than that, the chase scenes had my ass laughing, especially at the end. That shit was hilarious!!!

Comment #5

I luv this series!! Action galore...give me mo!

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