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Pornstars Like It Big presents: Shyla stylez fucks the car rep for a better deal

Scene Title: A Good Deal

Storyline: Shyla was looking for a good deal on a new car, so she called up a friend and asked to see where she could get the best deal. Brazzers auto dealer was the place. She went down and met with CS, Mr. Chris Strokes. She heard through her friend that he was a BIG shot car salesman and that he could give her a great deal , but only if she met him halfway...

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What people are saying about: Shyla Stylez - A Good Deal pornstarslikeitbig scene

Comment #1

wow, she's a stunner, that one. a real beautiful woman. :)

Comment #2

i felt the way she portrayed her character in this one was quite poor actually. she didnt bring the feel to it i thought the part deserved. she didnt sell it and im taking my business elsewhere

Comment #3

Shyla is a Beautiful sexy Girl:she is one of my Favorites.she is really good at what she does & you can tell she loves it.I like that scene with Criss(I give it a 10). I have something else to say,It might surprise y'all(Brazzers Staff) but it's about the Pictures:I think there are way too many Pictures in the Hq Pictures especially too many identical ones.I'm not talking about this scene but generally(in almost all the New Scenes).In this scene you got almost 2000(that's too much with lot of identical ones).If y'all can reduce them a lil' bit I'll appreciate it. Thank you Brazzers,Y'all the best.

Comment #4

this pornstars like it big scene turned out to be really good... i mean i love shyla of course, she is my fantasy fuck, but im not too high on chris even though hes got a big cock, but he usually cant act, and has trouble keeping his hard on. but he managed to keep it together in this scene... hey if your fucking shyla you better get your shit straight cuzz. hes lucky to be fucking her period, and like honeylover69 said, she carried him throughout the scene because shes just so god damn perfect! lol 10/10 on this one cuz i am in love with shyla!

Comment #5

Shyla time in and time out has always seperated herself fromt the rest of the field. This scene pornstars like it big with Chris just states that again. From her days with Lexington Steele, Eric Everhard and that hot scene with Peter North she always give the guys a handful. She just plain loves sex and gets into it. From sucking dick to jerking the cock and from getting fucked she delivers. Also, what else seperates her now my favourite scenes are her getting a huge dick up her pussy no doubt but, even the scenes with small or average guys she still makes look good if you look through her scenes with guys on brazzers she can work with the bottom of the list to the top and make every scene look good again that is what seperates her. Job well done Shyla you are a true professional! and brazzers good job of getting this girl on full time. She is every mans fantasy.

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