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Pornstars Like It Big presents: Savannah Stern plays with the judges big cock before fucking it

Scene Title: Post Game Pardon

Storyline: Porn Star Savannah Stern is back and this time she's all dressed up in her kinky tennis outfit for a one on one challenge on the court. Referee Keiran Lee is having problems keeping score since his eyes are riveted on Savannah's great ass. When she gets pissed at him for giving the game to the opponent, he offers his fat cock as a pardon gift. Savannah's big dick crave will give her the post game pardon she deserves. Point Smith!

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What people are saying about: Savannah Stern - Post Game Pardon pornstarslikeitbig scene

Comment #1

THE best pornstars like it big scene on here by a long long way. can ths girl fuck AND suck . no-one comes close. the way she swallowed that dick was simply unbelievable. and her pussy was throbbing after getting rammed (good camera work to capture that by the way) and then she took a great cum shot WOW!!!

Comment #2

From mtviejo, It must be tennis time with Savannah in the city of Savannah because it sure does look like it!! Owww! All sex positions she had done were performed excellent. She damn well knows how to streatch those legs because they sure would suffocate someone! I loved the way she gave him a b.g.She an awesome performance on his cock. Another awesome brazzers scene!

Comment #3

Savannah has a very tight body. Kieren on the other hand is probably GAY! He has a long dick but it lack girth which doesn't make it very attrative.

Comment #4

Well the boys got some sport sex. Wasn't a bad pornstars like it big scene either. Should have been some argument between Savannah and Keiran. It would have made more sense on why he was fucking her over. Like maybe if she would have came late to the match. It's all good though cause Savannah looked great and took care of business like she normally does. Snoogans!

Comment #5

savannah has one of the tightest and hottest bodies in porn no doubt!! savannah you are fucking amazing and you define how a pornstar should fuck. your intensity, dick sucking, enthusiasm, dirty talking, p2m, are all smoking hot. girl you take facials like a fucking pro. eyes wide open, mouth open, and you provide some very nice post facial cleanup that was molten hot. the rc position showcased savannah's tight body and kerian's long dick. savannah you make me want to share a facial with you & kerian!! kerian you know i fucking love your hot boday and long dick and that was one thick cumshot!! very smoking hot scene and i could watch a scene with these two together every week. very nice eye candy and brazzers these two have wonderful chemistry. nice camera work and a mad hot scene!!!

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