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Pornstars Like It Big presents: Abbey and Gianna do a car chase for some big cock to play

Scene Title: Big Cock Car Chase

Storyline: Abbey is not happy with the dress she is wearing and decides to go to the mall with Gianna to find something sexier to find big cock in. It’s at a stop sign in Abbey’s car where they spot Jordan jacking off to their big tits in his car. Abbey forgets all about shopping and goes straight for the big cock as she chases him in hot pursuit. Jordan tries to lose them as he is worried that they will call the cops on him, but Abbey and Gianna catch up just in time to find his car in the garage. The girl’s quest for cock is over as they barge into his home and fuck him

Pornstar: Abbey Brooks and Gianna Lynn

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Pornstars Like It Big Abbey Brooks and Gianna Lynn Video Trailer

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What people are saying about: Abbey Brooks and Gianna Lynn - Big Cock Car Chase pornstarslikeitbig scene

Comment #1

Funny scenario, with Jordan whippin his dick out while driving, lol. Then when they got down to it, this was just some hot sex all the way through. I was dissappointed we didn't see the position showed on the preview pic; I love 2 asses sitting on top of each other aletenating the dick. Even tho Gianna's debut was a FFM, at least it was with the great Abbey Brooks. Now we have to see her in MF action. The best position by far was when Jordan was eating Gianna while she was sideways with her foot on his shoulder, and Abbey was on her back getting finger-blasted by him, nice work fella!

Comment #2

This was a great pornstars like it big scene. Judging from the fingers in the ass, I'm guessing we'll be seeing Abbey Brooks do anal in the near future. I'll give you a hint, October 29 is my birthday and it'd be a nice gift from Abbey and Brazzers if the scene was released that day. The only gift better than that would be if I was the one fucking Abbey's beautiful ass. Great to see the only hot asian in porn, Gianna Lynn on Brazzers. It's about time. The scenario was alright, I really wish you had the girls pulling their tits out while driving in the car like they did for the still pictures. That would have been hot. The sex was actually pretty good even though I prefer rougher. This was a great scene. Wouldn't have minded seeing a little more girl/girl interaction between the two, and when you're going to sit on someones face to get your pussy eaten, you really gotta sit on it. Bury that fucking face, make the person go scuba diving in pussy and ass! Overall, a nice way to start of the week. 8/10.

Comment #3

Jordan is a fucking trip. I know I've said it before. Most of his scenes are good when he gets to have fun before the sex. Abbey was right about that dress not being sexy on her. No matter cause she is hotter without clothes. Debut scene for Gianna couldn't have been with a better partner. I'd like to see Gianna do her thang though Brazzers style. The car chase was kick ass too. Snoogans!

Comment #4

So, the subtext here is; it's okay to jack off in public if you've got a big dick, eh? More than that, sexy and gorgeous women will chase you home and have sex with you, too! If you're going to go with something offensive, why not really push the fuckin' boat out? Screw public masturbation- have him fuck a Doberman in the ass in public with his big dick. See how the horny chicas dig that! That's real commitment to an aesthetic , you fuckin' pansies.

Comment #5

Yesssss ! this pornstars like it big scene looks great. Abbey Brooks is awesome and is one of my favourites to watch. Adding Gianna Lynn to the mix and with Jordans big cock is a winner !. This is one of the best scenes weve had in a while.

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