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Scene Title: The hunter

Storyline: What do pornstars do when they're not fucking someone for money?? They are looking for someone to fuck for free!!! Today we follow Carmella Bing, one of the biggest pornstars out there, in her quest for a big cock. It turns out Johnny Sins left a very good impression on her the last time they shot a scene together because this time Carmella went over his place looking for his big fat cock!!! Carmella gets ripped big time by Johnny's HUGE cock and the load he put on this big titted sexy pornstar in the end is just priceless!! Enjoy.

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What people are saying about: Carmella Bing - The hunter pornstarslikeitbig scene

Comment #1

This girl has everything one desires in a woman. Wooh!!!!! What a but and tits???. Keep it up Carmella and continue showing us that ass from the rear ofcourse.Will always subscribe to Brazzers coz of this girl.

Comment #2

Carmella Bing makes me want to blow a load every time she makes that suction sound while pulling her lips off a cock. The POV dirty talk made my dick as long and thick as possible! She makes me shoot loads like Peter North! More CB please!!!

Comment #3

Carmella Bing has the best boobs in the business, I absolutely luv her. She has all the right curves how can I meet her. I LUV YOU CARMELLA!!!! Dont listen to all these losers that u need to lose weight u r perfect just the way u are.xoxoxox

Comment #4

For a change a really good look at Carmella's nice behind as she wiggles herself up and down on the dude, who is not in his normal out of control high speed nut sack flapping fuck mode. Carmella gets room to move and in some parts she moves nicely. However Brazzers, you should consider to drop the 4:3 standard and move to the lext level. And soon as you are falling behind here, a lot.

Comment #5

I hate to say it but this pornstars like it big scene was a letdown. Obviously the setup was nothing more than a gonzo scene. Carmella was dressed like she just got out of church. For a chick that wanted his cock that bad, she sure as hell didn't act like it. Where was the milky bowl of head at. I was hoping to see her take over the sex too. Just be more aggressive all around and she wasn't. Johnny fucked her good. Finally got some cowgirl in for a change. One dried up puss, Snoogans

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