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Pornstars Like It Big presents: Savannah Gold sucks on her trainers big hard cock

Scene Title: Brits like it big

Storyline: British slut Savannah Gold likes 'em big and she got what she wished for in this scene. Chris is the biggest in the industry , the forearm man. Savannah was attending Chris's gym class and Chris wanted to pay her back for letting him take a photo with can guess what happened next.

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What people are saying about: Savannah Gold - Brits like it big pornstarslikeitbig scene

Comment #1

This is one of my favorite pornstars like it big scenes, not because i think Savannah Gold is hot, i think she looks like a fat pigeon, but her reaction to Cris grabbing here head and pushing it on his cock, then her spitting and slapping his cock, that was amazing!

Comment #2

Glad to see Savannah doing her bit for keeping the British end up - she would certainly keep me up all day and night with that body to die for!! Superb pornstars like it big scene and performance 11/10 - what a pair of breasts and ass Savannah :-) What about duo with Carmella Moore or Amy Reid..........or the pair of those two ladies.

Comment #3

Savannah is red hot - gorgeous smile and a real cracking body - excellent update. Good role-play in the gym at the start, we all know what's coming so nice to see everyone act a little and show themselves doing normal everyday things. Well done Brazzers! How about a scene with Carmella, Shyla and Savannah in BWB all anal bonanaza! A little bit of lez at the start with dildo's etc, bit of pussy fuckin then plenty anal with lots of ATM and then a stonkin cumshot with plenty cumswappin between the girls at then end! Hats off to you Brazzers if you could pull this one off - Regards, 'A fan of the site from England'

Comment #4

The stretching beforehand was alittle slow. Overall the sex was dull. I don't think either one of them were comfortable with the positions. Thanks for the really bad editing at the end also. Snoogans!

Comment #5

I have no idea why everyone loves this chick. Yeah she loves dick but besides her accent and her amazing titties I don't see what everyone else does. Fucking on the lat machine didn't look easy, but I think Chris aka Forrest is coming into his own being more comfortable in front of the camera. But I'm STILL waiting for you guys to shoot a scene where everyone in the beginning gets to fuck ;). And being a gym rat myself, I would LOVE a BTW (Big Tits Workout) site, today's MGB scene w/Jada could have been included. Female trainers, gym-goers in exercise outfits fucking on the equipment...yesssss....

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