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Pornstars Like It Big presents: Savannah Gold is every geeks wet dream a pornstar created by computer

Scene Title: Porn Science

Storyline: Keiran and Jordan are two unlucky geeks when it comes to the ladies. They come up with a mastermind plan: to make a real life sized PORNSTAR. Do not miss this unique homage to one of the 80's most memorable movies. This is Porn Science!!

Pornstar: Savannah Gold

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What people are saying about: Savannah Gold - Porn Science pornstarslikeitbig scene

Comment #1

Savannah is vey hot!! A nice messy cum shot to the face is always a good thing.

Comment #2

Sacannah Gold is so fucking hot and got some nice tits on her as well. I think the people that turn this porn down are gay or something. I like the science meet porn theme lol. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK lol I wouldnt mind seeing more DP though

Comment #3

This is Brazzers best ever pornstars like it big scene. I would like to see more English women on this site as I am English and living in England. Wouldn't do their subscriber levels any harm either. Who else is English on this site apart from Savannah Gold?

Comment #4

I have to hand to you guys for doing this scene as close to the movie as possible. I'm starting to wonder if Savannah isn't a couple samiches short of picnic. Oh well that doesn't matter. I know that she will damn near take any size cock up the ass. Jordan and Keiran I would never consider small. The sex was alright. Jordan had some issues with saluting. They never seemed to know what position to do next. The best part was watching the boys being silly and having fun. 2 erect nips, Snoogans!

Comment #5

Great scene!!!! Great Job Brazzers for stepping up on the DP Scenes! Savannah did an aweseome job on taking on Two cocks! It is nice to see a porn start who really luvs cum all over her face & tits that is not afraid of it! Ass to mouth was kinky as well! Great job! Keep up the work with more DP & Gonzo sex! Sanannah would do well with DPV!!!!!! & going "airtight!"

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