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Pornstars Like It Big presents: Memphis enjoys fucking the sons of the family shes living with

Scene Title: Pornstar Experiment 3

Storyline: This time on Pornstar Experiment 3, we took an ordinary family and moved into their house one of the hottest pornstars out alive Memphis Monroe. She takes the family on a wild ride when she first gives the daughter her personal pornstar makeover and then teaches the son how to use his big cock....on her.

Pornstar: Memphis Monroe

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What people are saying about: Memphis Monroe - Pornstar Experiment 3 pornstarslikeitbig scene

Comment #1

I like these "pornstar experiment" scenes. There should be a link for all these themed scenarios - "pornstar experiment"; "wedding crazzers"; "tits on a plane" should all be linked up for easier viewing. Memphis is so damn cute with her voice. The dad was good, played his role well. Speaking of which, I didn't realize Scott's acting skills till recently. He's pretty damn good. I like Memphis slimmed down a little. She's still got the curves, but now she's a bit more toned. The sex itself to me was nothing special by any means, , except the reverse tit-fuck which I'm lovin lately, but I like how Memphis is lookin theses days.

Comment #2

Nice pornstars like it big scene. Who plays the little sister? She was adorable. And Memphis looks good despite all the weight remarks. Most of that weight is in her left & right life preservers. I imagine it's got to be difficult to notice whether or not you're gaining any weight when you have two ridiculously large tits in your way. She must have somebody tie her shoes for her because I know I'd have problems doing it. Besides, she looks great. I don't want my pornstars being razor thin with huge fake tits. A little proportion never hurt anybody & I like my girls at least a little curvy. (See Vicky Vette)

Comment #3

Memphis is really wonderful and a very sexy lady with smashing female beauty. Given the right positions and camerawork she displays some wonderful features with fantastic body curves. However this pornstars like it big scene is more a dull routine standard fuck a la Brazzers, and is done without any real effort to make Memphis look as hot and sexy as she can be. And if Memphis are not able to get Brazzers on their toes, then nobody can.

Comment #4

Alright, now to get things straight, I'm not a fan of Memphis, I always thought, she was a decent pornstar, that had a great natural body, and didn't need any enhancements, but she did, and we can't change that anymore, those scars also! Anyway, I still can enjoy seeing her, when she performs certain ways, and this my fellow members, was one of the ways. The minute, her towel dropped, I was almost finish, with the scene! Sorry, it's just, that she is so curvy, and her acting was just the moment, taking control of Scott was her strong point in this, the oral, the riding, no outrageous sound making, a real nice finish, and the ending, was great! 9/10.

Comment #5

I'm digging the Pornstar Experiment series that ZZ has going on. Since Scott has been in all three, I think the announcer should have mentioned that Scott is a mole. He was planted into the family to make sure that Memphis wouldn't win the money. Memphis sure made Jayden look like a deep throat champ the way she gagged and choked on Scott's cock. At least for her sake she fucked the hell out of that cock. Now that was some damn impressive riding skills. Definitely not worth denying. Of course Scott did his thing for the rest of the scene. Is that the best she's gonna take a cumshot to the mouth? Why even bother then. Just go straight to her huge rack instead. Snoogans!

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