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Scene Title: On Call Masseuse

Storyline: Marco is feeling stressed and his muscles are tight and aching so he calls on a masseuse. Our masseuse of the day is none other than Nikki Benz. As she is about to start his full body message she notices how big her client's dick is and was immediately aroused! She immediately started to message his big hard muscle and couldn't resist fucking it! Marco definitely got the release he needed as did Nikki...several times!

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What people are saying about: Nikki Benz - On Call Masseuse pornstarslikeitbig scene

Comment #1

Awesome! Just awesome! Nikki Benz is just incredible! If you want to know why Nikki is one of the top adult performers in the world rigth now, just watch her in this pornstars like it big scene. She will blow you away!

Comment #2

This is the scene that made me join Brazzers. Nikki is so fucking hot in the massage outfit, I love the baby blue bra & panties. Plus, her airhead talk just makes it hotter. Nikki, you rock!

Comment #3

Great pornstars like it big scene. Nikki is so sexy as a blonde. The story behind it was pretty good. The start was funny when Nikki and the guy were talking. But I think there should have been a different guy. The little bit of spanish (that most people know) was sort of funny. But the guy looked like he was not hard and did not know how to fuck. But also you can see he about cums several times while Nikki is fucking him (cant blame him, i would too. lol) but he did it to many times. Also what the fuck was that at the end? was that like a small drop of cum? this scene should have been finished with a better cum load then that little drop. Also to me it seemed Marco was not as into it as Nikki was. But i did get a good laugh at the towel part when Nikki put the towel over his dick but soon let it go, marco's dick fell down and he had to hold the towel to keep his dick up. Overall it was a 8.5/10. Thats because nikki is a goddess.

Comment #4

Great chemistry between the two. Scenario is kinda lame. I don't care for Marco, he don't fuck good and he looks like a dummy. Nikki had him about ready to bust a nut several times and he tried to stall. After all that, he still couldn't fucking cum. This scene's rating is too high, she's done better scene's than this even though she was hot in this pornstars like it big scene, Marco didn't put in the same effort she did. That was probably the weakest cum shot in the history of Brazzers. Bad editing (AGAIN!) too. 7/10.

Comment #5

Nikki is the best in the biz right now, no question. Everything about her is amazing. She was hilarious here too, going "I have no idea what you just said, but it sounds sexy..." There was no way the was getting off on this absolute douche-nozzle Marco, but her performances can't be beat. I said it before and I'll say it again, PLEASE do not use this juice-monkey again. Not only does he fuck like a girl and has an average-sized dick, but he moans louder than the females and he has a leaky faucet for a $$ shot. Get this tool back in the shed.

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