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Scene Title: Boner to The Rescue

Storyline: When there's trouble-a-brewing, Jack boner gets a call. It's his job to save the day and his mission to save sexy bitches from insidious villains. However, this makes him a target for terrorists like Tanya. She has her mission as well and she will stop at nothing to complete it.

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What people are saying about: Tanya James - Boner to The Rescue pornstarslikeitbig scene

Comment #1

ot bad at all. I've never watched the show so I could only imagine it's as corny as this scene was. I mean it was funny but 24 doesn't worthy of watching ever. Nice tease at the start though. I really thought some freak nasty was gonna go down between the extras and Scott...I mean Jack. Anyway the sex was tremendous. Tanya fucking took charge of this scene from the jump. She fucking attacked his cock like she hadn't been on set for awhile. I wish the regular cowgirl was just as long as reverse. After that she just more into it and her body looked spectacular naked as well as in the suit. This was packed like dynamite. Snoogans!

Comment #2

Tanya is so f'ing HOTT. Put her in a threesome with Niki Benz and Johnny!

Comment #3

9 out of 10! ZZ played themselves by having those two in the beginning, and not do anything with Scott, he should have bang them a little before the phone call, I would have liked this intro more. The story was alright, but nothing real impressive, Tanya looks sexy as **** with that suit on, and the fact that she took of the bra made me give this one a higher score. On the negative side, she sound real fake in this scene, I almost couldn't stand hearing her, what was up with that change, next the camera work was poor, and the positioning, they sure know where to pick spots. Lastly the finish open mouth was a nice touch, and the ending!

Comment #4

Nice pornstars like it big scene.... now a pair request.... in this scene she was wearing boots... the scene before that she was wearing high heels and only in the end she was bare foot... now please brazzers.... can you shoot a scene with Tanya bare foot from the beginning of the scene... like the scene "The Impostor" with the amazing Nikki Benz and the beautiful Gina Lynn if you will shoot the Hq Pics barefoot too its can be amazing... its a pair request i think....

Comment #5

Tanya James with a gun!! Hotcha!!! Like the man said, "There's nothin' finer than a fine lookin' woman with a gun." She's just all kinds of fine, so she is. Maybe next time she can shoot someone?

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