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Pornstars Like It Big presents: Sadie West goes fucking nuts on Johnnys huge cock

Scene Title: Save Me, Sadie!

Storyline: The cameras are rolling on Yancee's porn set when the girl he is shooting flakes out and tells him she can't take Johnny's uber-cock. Yancee calls on Shameless who knows just the girl to take Johnny's dicklodocus... Sadie West! Sadie makes her way over to Yancee's set and jumps on Johnny right away. The porn shoot has begun! Sadie saves the day! PS. There is penis-vagina sex in this scene.

Pornstar: Sadie West

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What people are saying about: Sadie West - Save Me, Sadie! pornstarslikeitbig scene

Comment #1

Sadie damn sure isn't lacking in passion or intensity. Not sure about the schoolgirl look though. I know she's got something in her closet hotter than that. I wasn't sold on her oral skills. Everything else was money in the bank. The doggy about had her howling at the moon. Showing his Greek God skills by lasting and holding her up in the cradle. The real shocker was her riding skills. I had no idea she could put it down like that. She had so much vigor going on. I'll be looking forward to her next scene. Yeah she saved this scene like she was Mariano Rivera and she took an awesome facial. Snoogans!

Comment #2

This is one hot chick...great pussy too. No crinkly flappy protuding lips - just a sweet slit from her clit to her ass!! Johnny did a great job pounding her but she's wild enough that she needs a hard DP!

Comment #3

this girl is crazy, not in a good way. not sure if thats the way she really is when being fucked or if shes acting. Either way its not my thing. wont be watching.

Comment #4

I'm not sure how this pornstars like it big scene will turn out, but from the trailer she looked a little psychotic at times. I like the rough sex scenes, but the trailer made her look a little nuts...I guess ya gotta watch the whole scene for, what seems to me like "overacting", before you criticize.

Comment #5

fucking awsome

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