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Scene Title: Big Cock Instinct

Storyline: After a mysterious murder, Roxy Jezel, is brought in for questioning. Being the victim's former lover and the last one to see him alive, she has to use her skills as a strumpet to prove her innocence to Detective Lee, who has a mean-ass boner for her penis receptacle.

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Comment #1

A very good pornstars like it big scene, with a really profrssional feel to it - agree with Shottaluv about the great camera work; it was nice and inventive, but didn't detract from the sizzling action. Roxy Jezel is a very sexy babe and really knows how to perform the wanton slut to perfection. Keiran Lee also shows here that he is capable of playing a serious role, as well as the more comic performances he does so well. This one certainly kept hold of my attention!

Comment #2

wow what a great backside

Comment #3

Every now and then when I see a movie spoof. I would love the roles to be switched. Even with Jordan getting used by Mariah Milano and then Eva Angelina being somewhat similar to this spoof. Have a table of chicks asking Billy Glide questions as he lifts his handcuffed hands to show off the bulge in his pants by accident. Alright back on course, Roxy Jezel was a nice change of pace from the normal chicks on this site. She is all natural which is a plus in my books. Other than that first doggy when Keiran was fucking her so good that she did the tippy toes. The spooning was extra hot for a change. i think I liked the reverse cowgirl best when Keiran was pumping away. Snoogans!

Comment #4

All the good porn stars are not leggie and blond with big boobs... I love Roxy's performances. Always nice to see a girl that someone can throw around a bit during sex... kinda hard to do with the bigger ones. Thanks Brazzers for mixing it up!

Comment #5

that chick can spit in my mouth then make out with me anytime.

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