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Pornstars Like It Big presents: Roxy and August fucking a big hard cock on a go kart track

Scene Title: Go-Kart Bet

Storyline: Alec Knight, you lucky bastard. We called up Alec to see if he wanted to take part in a bet. The bet was, If he could beat Roxy& August in a go kart race, then he would get to fuck them all he wants, but if he lost he would have to be their bitch for a week. Now seriously fellas , if you had to take part in this bet, is there any way you would lose? HELL NO... watch this scene ,AMAZING.

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What people are saying about: Roxy Deville and August - Go-Kart Bet pornstarslikeitbig scene

Comment #1

Two great female bodys with nice firm tits, and beautiful pussys with a touch of hair. Nice to each try to out suck the other in what could have been a cock sucking contest. Guess a stud with that size of prick needs two cunts to work on. It didn't appear his cum production was very large.

Comment #2

Well Done! - I only viewed this video to-day - Roxy & August are a great couple. August, you should make your bush - bushy! Roxy, you are a star! - I like Bush! - The mix between, Action and reality was great! Keep up the good work! - more?

Comment #3

I actually liked the location for the pornstars like it big scene, and would love to see more real locations. I think August is pretty hot, and Roxy wasn't bad looking, however she came across as the tom-boy type to me and I don't normally care for that. I gotta hand it to August though, towards the end, when Roxy was on her back getting fucked on the #1 spot on the winner's podium, she actually sat on Roxy's face, however she didn't bury Roxy's face. I think it's hot when the chick has to get up so the other girl can get a breathe of air in before having the girl bury her face back in her pussy and ass again. Could have found a more comfortable place to fuck in that location, the sex did seemed odd and uncomfortable for them at times. Also, as meantioned earlier, there wasn't many different positions done in this scene. I disagree with not grouping, I actually like grouping the girls, but only certain groups work good together. I wasn't too big on Roxy, liked her look, but she seemed like she's a tom-boy type girl, and I'm into the more girly-girl types. August seemed shy at first, Roxy did most of the talking, and that made her even hotter. It was cute and kinda gave her an innocent look. Would love to see August back again. 7/10

Comment #4

Love the two starlets...but agree on "not liking group scenes" as some of the others. it lacks the good acting and big cock craving. don't like the dude either in these. give it a 5

Comment #5

I'd much rather see August again. The pornstars like it big scene was lacking positions to me. I could have swore he was getting his ass beat on the track. He got lapped and they said fuck it, you win. Snoogans!

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