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Pornstars Like It Big presents: Rachel Starr is back from retirement to enjoy some more big cocks

Scene Title: V.I.Penis

Storyline: While Rachel waits in line to get into the most talked about nightclub, she overhears two women talking about the owners huge dick. The problem is the only way to get close to his huge cock is by getting into the V.I.P section. Luckily for her the owner spots her sexy body and invites her to see his V.I Penis.

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What people are saying about: Rachel Starr - V.I.Penis pornstarslikeitbig scene

Comment #1

What a good way to wear myself out...a vid with Rachel and now for some sleep. Thanks Brazzers!

Comment #2

If more women could ride their man's dick the way Rachel does, divorces would be cut in half. Good gosh, the woman is relentless on top. No man - or dick - stands a chance.

Comment #3

Rachel Starr certainly knows how to suck cock properly, which is great to see - she has a great mouth - perfect for Blow Jobs - & a beautiful body that NEEDS a damn good fucking!

Comment #4

Definately they best ass I have ever seen and none of these other girls come close to shaken the only way Star knows how. What a talent, hot body, and sweet sweet ASS.

Comment #5

Great HD scene. Not sure what the download issues were. It worked fine here. I liked how Johnny screwed her, took his dick out then ate her and screwed her some more. Rachel looked hot and really into the scene! I wish the nipple studs were gone, but that's a small issue.

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