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Pornstars Like It Big presents: Agents Starr and August fuck a huge dick on the run

Scene Title: Training Day

Storyline: August was tired of being a regular valley girl star , so she decided to try out for the big dick agency in hope of becoming a DICK-tective. What August didn't know is that Agent Starr is a hard ass and wasn't just gonna let her into the agency, she had to prove she was a big dick lover and so she did, very well i might ad.

Pornstar: Rachel Starr and August

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What people are saying about: Rachel Starr and August - Training Day pornstarslikeitbig scene

Comment #1

Whaooaaahhh that was a Really Good pornstars like it big scene.Way to go Brazzers Staff(Really Good Work there). August is a Pretty sexy girl with some Round Big Boobs.She sucks that big Dick really Good(I liked It).She also has a Nice Body.Rachel Starr is really a Star,a Pornstar.That Girl is HOOOOOOOTT !!!.Pretty Lips that suck Good,nice Boobies and her Ass whoooaaahhhh.She knows how to work that Ass in Doggy Style and Cowgirl(That was Amazing !!!). Not that August is not Good(She is Perfect) but I think Y'all should get another Scene like that one with Rachel on a 1 on 1(Pornstars like it Big) so we can enjoy her working that Ass. Thank Brazzers for that Amazing scene.

Comment #2

Rachel is the hottest fuckbunny here!! this girl can fuck! i love it when she CUMS on a dick!!! she needs to be in 1 on 1 scenes tho because she puts all the girls here to shame except maybe Nikki and Veronica rayne! all these fuck bunnys should be in stockings and high heels in all there scenes.....very sexy!

Comment #3

This pornstars like it big scene was pretty good. August and Rachel worked really good together. As 1cd31 said, the whole "big dick agency" thing is getting old...I never really cared for that script to begin with.One more thing, when you're going to have a scene where a guy is getting chased like Alec was in this scene, it'd be a lot more realistic if the girls catch him when they're wearing something other than heels. I think the sex could have been better, and rougher. Overall it was a decent update. 8/10

Comment #4

This was a great scene -- though i might be slightly biased 'cos any scene with Rachel is a greatest for me, she is simply the best out there, just watching her butt in action makes me deliriously happy. Please keep the boots on, though, in any future scenes . . .

Comment #5

What a job that Rachel Starr delivered that's how you fuck a big cock cowgirl this girl is in the top 3 she brought excellent energy she loves sex!. Rachel you rock girl a lot of girl in the business could learn but, how do you learn? when you have to naturally love it. Brazzers this girl is a franchise girl imho.

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