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Pornstars Like It Big presents: Agent Swede tracks down a huge cock to fuck

Scene Title: Agent Swede looking for Justice

Storyline: Another sexy secret Agent. This time around it's Puma Swede and she's after a very tough man, Justice. She loves Justices big dick so it was more then a pleasure for her to take on this assignment. Not only did she apprehend him but she also made him fuck her till she came. Agent Swede is THE sexiest agent out there so watch out boys...

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What people are saying about: Puma Swede - Agent Swede looking for Justice pornstarslikeitbig scene

Comment #1

great idea, horrible script (or do they ad-lib?). Justice makes up for his lack of size by with his ability to fuck. I see how her voice can annoy people, but damn, her body and her love for cock fantastic. All of her scenes are great. Funny ending haha

Comment #2

Glad to see Justice back. However I really don't think he has a big cock. Kinda hard to have sites called MLIB or PLIB when the big dicks are missing. This was a pretty good scene. The sex was average but where the hell was the cowgirl? Bad way to start the week. Hope things get better. Although this has one of the better endings. Snoogans!

Comment #3

Pretty fun pornstars like it big scene, Puma always delivers a good performance. I don't mind the voice, nothing you can do about that. I like Puma, she is fun and sexy, that's a good combination.

Comment #4

A gun that close to a dick.....I hope it was'nt loaded.... If Puma was sucking my dick I would be willing to take that chance just for the opportunity to shoot her the face with a big load of cum....

Comment #5

This scene looks hot. Like the new plot idea. They are being inventive and not doing the same boring plot and story lines. Another two thumbs up for brazzers. Not just need to wait for it to release

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