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Scene Title: Big Cock Rock Star

Storyline: When rock legends The Big Bones come into town, Nikki Benz is the first one to get backstage to meet her favorite rock drummer Tommy Lee Bone. Nikki considers herself a groupie and wants to find out if her rock star idol has a large cock just like the other groupies have rumored. She gets past the security with her backstage laminate and discovers the truth when she finds Tommy Lee Bone’s big drum stick.

Pornstar: Nikki Benz

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What people are saying about: Nikki Benz - Big Cock Rock Star pornstarslikeitbig scene

Comment #1

I have a slight confession to make: I have not been Nikki Benz’s biggest fan, I dont know why; shes just never quite hit the spot with me the way some of the other Brazzers babes do. However, after watching this pornstars like it big scene, I can see how wrong I have been, and I now know what all the fuss is about. This is the best scene I have seen her in on Brazzers, and she really is brilliant and shows off her acting and comic ability here, and of course, Keiran is a great foil for her. She looks great in the slutty rock chick outfit, and the sex was hot and energetic. Nikki, I am humbly sorry for ever doubting you; you are one hot and talented babe!

Comment #2

Axl Post, Nikki Dikk LMAO "Good thing I just got a boob job" (and they look fucking great!!!!) LMAO Great dirty talk by Nikki admiring Keiran's equipment! Cameraman does great closeup on Nikki giving head! Nice job getting Nikki's pussy, bouncing big tits, and her mouth devouring Keiran! Passed out roadie with bottle of Jack, Brazzers is too funny LMAO!!! Great tit fucking segue into head and then RCG! CG without the mini skirt and just the belt looks hot! P2M and I am stiff and straight out!"Fuck my mouth" wow!!! Doggie style and Nikki still talking dirty is so fucking hot! Measuring Keiran's cock with the drum stick and marker and then "Hey, can I keep this?!" LMAO Nikki is fucking on fire as well as hiarious as usual!!! 10!!!

Comment #3

The scenario was average, but they both executed it pretty good. The sex was average at best. I expected Nikki to get pounded good but it wasn't Keiran's best fucking. Overall, it was a good scene but you could have had a much better scene and scenario. I love ya Nikki, but I'm sorry to say you went too big with your tits, I miss the old Nikki. 7/10.

Comment #4

As ridiculous as this will look but I actually had trouble watching this. No it doesn't bother me to see Christine Taylor kiss Vince Vaughn in Dodgeball knowing she is married to Ben Stiller. Normally I wouldn't even care but since the forum helps develop a relationship so to speak. It's hard watching Nikki Benz fuck her best friends man. Yeah I know same rules apply for Ben, Christine, and Vince but Nikki, Puma, & Keiran feels so different to me. Anyhoo, watching a Nikki scene always makes me wonder is it improv. Almost everytime I see her, she's got hilarious lines. Filthy thirds, you gotta love it. I love pron cameos...Kory Fame hiding out. How about Hailey Young and Tricia Oaks playing double roles. The sex was nice and fast just the way I like it. Snoogans!

Comment #5

I go nuts when chicks wear those arm warmers. Nikki had me dyin in the beginning after she shows her tits and the guy lets her thru: "thanks....asshole" haha. Always a great scene from Nikki, from beginning to end, and those tits are off the fucking yelzebar. No complaints here. Nice touch with KF waking up during the action, lol.

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