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Scene Title: A helping hand

Storyline: Nikki Benz' husband said he would fix her car but he hasn't done anything. She is tired of him not taking care of things so she asked their friend and neighbor Joe Blow, to give her a hand with the car. It seems that this is not the only thing her husband neglects around the house because when Joe went over her place, she begged him to fuck her hard with his big cock and cum all over her big round titties!!! Joe was happy to give his horny big cock craving neighbor a hand...

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What people are saying about: Nikki Benz - A helping hand pornstarslikeitbig scene

Comment #1

I realize it was not there yet but this would have been a great scene (with the talked about husband present) for Real Wife Stories. Maybe you could have Nikki and Joe hook up again as they seem to enjoy each other! "Do it nice and deep. My hushand can't do it deep. His dick is too small!" LMAO I like the questions Nikki asks, "Yuh, yuh like suckin' on my big titties, yuh?!" "Its cause my husbands dick is too small!" "He never streches it out!" "Stretch that pussy out!" LMAO What a hot fucking scene and finally a cumshot to Nikki's huge tits that was massive instead of a couple of drops! 10+ More POV with Nikki, too hot!!! Nikki is the fucking best!

Comment #2

not a bad pornstars like it big scene. It's good to see Nikki back again. We had two weeks of good updates, now it's not looking very good for next week. When are you going to bring Cody Lane back for more scenes? I thought the script was good and the sex was average. 9/10

Comment #3

I can only repeat word for word NachoBoobie's comment. She is porn royalty, she does no wrong!!

Comment #4

All hail Queen Nikki !! Ms. Benz is porn royalty. She can do no wrong in my eyes. I just love watching this amazing woman fuck. The way she sucks cock and titty fucks, her dirty talk and the way she fucks like a champ - I just never get enough of her! Another great one Brazzers, keep Nikki as a regular !!!

Comment #5

Nikki is one of the best that ever was, she's the epimote of a STAR... Can you guys at Brazzers PLEAAASEEE tell Joe to take off those cheap avaitors??? He wears them all the time, and unless it's necessary for the scene, like Sara Vandella as a cop a few months ago for BTAW (where is she by the way?? bring her back!!), it's really ridiculous looking...thanks

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