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Pornstars Like It Big presents: A day at the County Fair with Nautica Thorn

Scene Title: Sexy little big cock craver

Storyline: Today Joe and I went whore hunting at the Santa Monica beach fair. There weren't many girls around and we were kinda losing all hopes when, to our luck, we bumped into the sexy Nautica Thorn. I guess this chick was really craving for a big fat cock because it didn't take much to convince her to come to our place with us. And she was such an enthusiastic fuck, she took on Joe's famous 10 inch cock like a real pro and made him cum hard on her face!! Very hot scene!!

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What people are saying about: Nautica Thorn - Sexy little big cock craver pornstarslikeitbig scene

Comment #1

This was ok. Nautica Thorn has a nice body, and a cute face. Usually I'm not into asians too much, but her teeth were a turn off. She had a mouth like a horse. I liked the carnival scene though, scene's like that allow you to know more about the girls personality. Joe's scene's are usually pretty good. This scene was alright, I don't think they worked great together though. 7/10

Comment #2

It just goes to show you having a big dick doesn't mean you know how to fuck. Joe nice white beater tan. Next time use sunblock. Nautica reminds me of that chick in Color of Night with Bruce Willis. Snoogans!

Comment #3

what a sex boom...

Comment #4

Nautica's very hot. She's got a great ass, the cowgirl was good. But overall the sex seemed a little dull. The next update might be the greatest scene in the history of filmed fucking, lol. The trailer itself was amazing.

Comment #5

Damn Love Nautica...NEED MORE SCENCES!!!

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