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Scene Title: Good Cock, Bad Cop

Storyline: Big Dick Agent Mariah Milano doesn’t play by the rules. She never cares whether her methods of interrogation comply with the Agency’s Regulations. This doesn’t look good for Jordan. He is being left in an interrogation room with Mariah as the interrogator. How much of her torture can he take before he gives in and she gets to fuck his Big Fat Cock?

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What people are saying about: Mariah Milano - Good Cock, Bad Cop pornstarslikeitbig scene

Comment #1

So good! Great scenario, with captured agent Jordan being tortured and abused by a brilliantly villainess and nasty Mariah Milano. It hardly needs saying that Mariah is one of the sexiest and most awesome babes in the entire world, and she looks absolutely stunning here. The sex was hot and passionate as you'd expect from these two performers; some good positions, and seeing Mariah riding Jordan reverse cowgirl is simply one of the most beautiful things you'll ever see. And yes, a great, and I think very much needed, cumshot from Jordan. Technically the pornstars like it big scene was very good, too, with excellent lighting giving it the feel of a professional film set. I think in the follow up scene, Jordan is 'rescued' by fellow agent Eva Angelina, and yes, you guessed it, he has to satisfy her needs, too. Poor guy! What tremendous sacrifices these porn studs have to make for our entertainment!!! Well done to all involved! Yet more good work, guys!

Comment #2

Great dirty talk from Mariah has me hard as a rock! Her big fucking tits hanging out and worshipping Jordan's big cock is erotic! What a lucky dog Jordan is getting to fuck Mariah's tight little pretty pussy! I love how erect your nipples get while your tits are bouncing all over the place Mariah! Well derserved big cumshot with Jordan giving Mariah a facial and cum glistening in the lights on one of Mariah's big ass titties! WOW!

Comment #3

Mariah is really on of the best actress, she is so hot, she swallow cum and get her tongue on the dick in a very special way.

Comment #4

I had some serious problems downloading this scene from WMV. I did finally get to see it all and damn she slapped the piss out of Jordan. Mariah was perfect for this scene with her voice being so commanding. Angelina Valentine also could have done this. Great camera view of her ass under the table. Damn he was long stroking her so good during doggy. Excellent work again ZZ. Also how the cumshot was done. 2 electrifying erect nips, Snoogans!

Comment #5

This was pretty hot. Keep the "big dick agency" scenes coming. Jordan is a good actor but he's funny with it. Mariah was great for the role with her voice and she looked maaad hot with the skirt/sweater. I love when girls wear "regular" clothes for the scenes. She grinded his cock nice above the jeans. Really good camerawork throughout. These 2 seem to have good chemistry and she seems to enjoy Jordan's dick, I saw the same in their RWS scene. Good scene kiddies!

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