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Scene Title: Fuck Me to Stay in the Country

Storyline: Big Dick Agent Lichelle Marie is on a very important mission: She has to find Marco Banderas and arrest him for coming into the country illegally. The only way for Marco to stay in the country is by showing Agent Marie his big cock meets the Agency standards.

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What people are saying about: Lichelle Marie - Fuck Me to Stay in the Country pornstarslikeitbig scene

Comment #1

I love Lichelle, and welcome more of her scenes regardless of when they were shot, but this is just sloppy and uninspired. Marco's acting (as well as his English) is terrible, and he ruins the scene. The setup makes no sense, and what follows is just a waste of great talent in Lichelle. Sorry, I just couldn't get into this...

Comment #2

A lot of close-mic'd sound on this clip. A lot of it is on Beautiful Lichelle's mouth getting fucked (delicious and hot as hell), but a lot of it seems to be on this dude's gum-chewing (fairly disgusting and certainly boner-demolishing). The sex is OK but goddamn this guy's talking is annoying. And Lichelle, baby, I straight up adore you in any scene ever.

Comment #3

Wow this reeeeeeeally from the back of the vault! It was shot back at the old house, and even tho we haven't seen Lichelle in over 6 months on ZZ, this was even before then when she went buckwild with the lip injections. Nonetheless, Lichelle is a slept-on performer; great dick-sucking and fucking skills and this was no different, even though the acting was dreadful. I hate Marco. On top of being obnoxious as all hell, he can't fuck worth a shit. Lichelle fucked him the entire time rather than him fucking her. Please stop using him.

Comment #4

A blast from the past. I forgot how much Lichelle can really fuck. Mr Marco Banderas of the music video the Porn Life. All I can say is YES to this pornstars like it big scene, haha. I never get tired of the Big Dick Agency even if others can't stand it. Lichelle acting was pretty damn awful. She is must better when she is fucking. Never can get enough of cowgirl and she didn't mind saddling up. Looks like the Latin Sinsation will be staying on US ground after this fucking. Glad you guys brought this scene out of the vault. Snoogans!

Comment #5

shes so close to perfect, if she would actually be into the scene, downsized her schnoz, and did anal, then she might just be perfect IMO

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