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Scene Title: Appetite for big cocks

Storyline: Lacey Duvalle was hanging out at our place today and she started complaining about being hungry and wanting to go grab something to eat. We started thinking of places to go for lunch but all this talking about food made her want to have a big hard cock!! Of course we had to give her something to fill her up so we called Joe Blow to give her his big piece of meat and put a big load on her pretty face and perfect tits.

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Comment #1

This is exactly what this site needs more of: beautiful black women with gorgeous FAKE tits. I have never in my life jerked off to a black woman before, so I was a bit surprised when I stumbled upon this update and started furiously pumping to it. Afterwards, I checked out a few other updates from other sista's and came toa conclusion. Black women, just like white women, look *considerably* better with fake tits. And now I feel like an ebony convert... =P

Comment #2

One of the hottest sluts not matter if she white, black or eyellow that pussy and ass most be very tasty.

Comment #3

Lacey is definently the finest black pornstar and one of the finest pornstars period. That girl can ride a cock!

Comment #4

Here's the third Lacey Duvalle installment on Brazzers's sites in the last five day -- and it's still not enough! Obviously, we can't GET enough of her, so by all means, bring on more. In this sequence, I love her in that micromini dress, but what's missing is tease footage of her with the camera shooting her from directly beneath those spectacular mams, More of that, and more of lacey, will correct the oversight.

Comment #5

I Have to agree one of the best girls on the site

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