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Scene Title: Time for a big cock!!

Storyline: Johnny couldn't believe his eyes when he got home and saw his brother's girlfriend, Kinzie Kenner, masturbating to some porn magazines!! He knew that Kinzie is a pornstar and that pornstars have to fuck all the time! So he figured he could give Kinzie the thing that pornstars like the most: A BIG FAT COCK in her TIGHT JUICY PUSSY and a big thick load all over her sexy perfect body!!!

Pornstar: Kinzie Kenner

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What people are saying about: Kinzie Kenner - Time for a big cock!! pornstarslikeitbig scene

Comment #1

Kinzie is so fucking hot with her dirty talk and the way she handles Johnny's huge cock. I love the way she kicked off her shoes and put her feet on Johnny's legs as she was riding him. She looked very sexy in her bare feet. I would definitely like to see more of this on here. Start out in sexy high heels and then really get into it and kick off their shoes and show off their sexy feet for a more natural look.

Comment #2

i officially love kinzie kenner! i read a couple interviews with her... shes an amazing chick with crazy fetishes and dirty shit goin on. whats not to love about this girl?

Comment #3

I was so glad Kinzie took the rest of her clothes off. She has a rockin body and needs to show it off. This is the third time she has fucked my man Johnny. They have better chemistry than her and Billy. Did he not fuck her brains out in the final minutes. That was unbelievable. That sucks she wont be shooting for awhile. At least she went out with a BANG. Yancee will we see cody lane soon? Snoogans!

Comment #4

Fuck! Kinzie Kenner is hot. This pornstars like it big scene was a 10/10 in my opinion. I love Kinzie, it's about time you brought her back. Have her back more often, she deserves her own site on Brazzers. I want to see more of her and Rachel Roxxx, both of those girls are gorgeous! It looks like a great week as far as updates go, I'm anxiously awaiting Sunny Lane, Carmella Bing, Mindy Main, Brooke Belle, Audrey Bitoni, Brianna, and then early part of next week looks good too with Nikki Benz, and Brittany Andrews. Can't wait!

Comment #5

kinzie kenner!! just as a i o my ive been gone for 1 month and i got so many updates to catch up on....helllo to all that remember me but yes i am bak from amstedamn and germany...hey sammy and yancee! lol and to all that are still here from when i left...looking forward to seeing all these the new site too great job guys..

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