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Pornstars Like It Big Kiara Diane and Rachel RoXXX in the brides of frankencock episode

Scene Title: The Brides of Frankencock

Storyline: Rachel Roxxx has just built the monster Frankencock, that will be able to please her whenever she feels like it! The problem is when Frankencock wakes up, he escapes and walks in a costume party where Kiara sees his huge attribute and brings him to her room. After an attempt to stop them, Rachel will join in, turned on by the whole situation!!!

Pornstar: Kiara Diane and Rachel RoXXX

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What people are saying about: Kiara Diane and Rachel RoXXX - The Brides of Frankencock pornstarslikeitbig scene

Comment #1

WTF? This is an epic major production from ZZ, why the low rating? "Pussy!" lmao Korey Fame as Freddy Kruegger with dildos fingers! lmao Rachel's outfit has me jerking off like crazy! I like Kiara's outfit too! I had some seroius pre-cum/minor cumshot half way through and still throbbing like a stud! Great line by Kiara to Keiran aka "Frankencock", "She gave that to you now give it to her!" Great doggy on Rachel with her left tit bouncing all over the place. More pre-cum thanks to Rachels' vacuum of a mouth. Rachel to Frankencock, "Give me that cock, give it to me!"Missionary had Rachel's beautiful pierced nipples bouncing all over the place! Great cumshot by Keiran who was obviously as excited as I was!

Comment #2

That pornstars like it big scene was great, keiran did a good job of fucking both pussies, I liked that new position that keiran and kiara did, id rate this scene a 9 out of 10 only because Rachel was so damn hot!

Comment #3

You can't go wrong with Rachel or Kiara! So when you put the two of them together in the same really can't go wrong! Rachel is great in yet another fantastic display of her enjoyment of sex & Kiara is also terrific in her performance as well. I love goofy scenes like this that show a sense of humor as well as some eroticism. Reminds me of the kind of stuff Naughty America used to do when Brett Brando was there. Now Brazzers is reeping the rewards of Brando's arrival.

Comment #4

I wasn't into the scenario. I never even liked the show. I have to agree with MaryJane (MissSnoogans) on the sex. Rachel Roxxx is a favorite a mine, really love her work. I could watch her forever! Kiara Diane is a cutie. Would love to see more of her, it's actually quite shocking that she hasn't had a Teens Like It Big scene yet. They were pretty fucking hot together. Keep bringing hot stars like these two girls back! 8/10

Comment #5

Well this is about four months too early. It's got to be pretty old if my man Kory Fame was in it. Keiran got off really damn easy not having to get his entire body green. Much props to RoXXX running in those platforms. Some fantastic riding by Rachel with either leg up or like she's riding a horse. Other than Keiran causing havoc on Kiara in reverse cowgirl, the rest was pretty average. I did like one other move he pulled off on Kiara where he just straight wrecked shit up. It was like a combo of spooning and reverse cowgirl. Even looking like the Bride of Frankencock, RoXXX can still be scary looking hot. It's a shame the camera didn't capture that blast of cum on their faces. Snoogans!

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