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Scene Title: Julia votes

Storyline: The Housing bubble has finally caught up to Jordan Ash and no one has better job security than a Repo Agent. Julia will legally seize everything he owns unless he passes a Bond in which his cock may once again have to bail him out.

Pornstar: Julia Bond

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What people are saying about: Julia Bond - Julia votes pornstarslikeitbig scene

Comment #1

This girl is what sex is all about!!!!!!!!!! What an ass and the tits are nice...not too big...this girl can fuck...not much into the tats but she pulls it off.......What an ASS!!!!!

Comment #2

i agree. julia is definitly the best girl on this site. the best ass an the way she gets those hips movin is the hottest shit ever. the

Comment #3

Julia bond, I love you. Your body is perfect. Best booty ever!

Comment #4

This pornstars like it big scene is mad under rated. This chick is a hottie in her own way. Nothing but positive comments about this one here... She rides dick like a pro! PLUS Im a fan of the different look and the tats. Shes hot and the scene was good.

Comment #5

Huge difference in how she walked up to the house and after she picked the lock. Julia should of had that walk going on the camera on her ass shot. Then every guy would have shot their load before the sex even started. She just teased us all with the milkshake walk. The view I loved best was her in reverse cowgirl and the camera behind Jordan. If he had removed his hand out of the way, it would have been all over but the crying. Well at least the camera got her in cowgirl. Nice touch with her walking to the pool. Tat Pack member Julia Bond keeps on rockin. Still doesn't top the scene with her and Scarlet Pain. Snoogans!

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