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Scene Title: Best Workout Routine

Storyline: Porn Star Jenna Haze is going to a gym to keep in shape. She has heard rumors that the instructor has a big cock. The best way for her to find out, would be to grapple with him and get a feel for it. When she finds out the rumors were indeed true, she goes for it and forces the instructor to give her his big cock! She would just do anything for a Big Cock in her tight pussy.

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What people are saying about: Jenna Haze - Best Workout Routine pornstarslikeitbig scene

Comment #1

Without a doubt, Jenna is really fascinating…she's got that 'if you want me I'll play hard to get, which is groovy for a pornstar'. True her build does not make her a star but it's the attitude that counts

Comment #2

I don't know why everyone seems to think she is so hot. I think she is way to skinny, her body looks like a twelve year old girl who hasn't gone through puberty yet. During this video, Jenna keeps saying how perfect her pussy is, well, not in my opinion. Maybe if you like sticking your meat into a piece of wood with a hole in it. And shit, she barely choked that guys cum down, she seems fake to me. I would feel like a child molester if I fucked her. I couldn't even get turned on by her. I like big natural titties, and a fat pussy that is surrounded by a round ass and thighs. I think it looks really gross when a girl is so skinny that her ass is wide open like a cavern. Yeah, I think all you people must be smokin something that put you in a "Haze" if you think she is sexy. Give me Cassandra Calogera, Brandy Talore, Jasmine Black or Sierra anyday!

Comment #3

Jenna and Scott made a great couple. I really like a guy that can come and stick his dick right back in and keep going. I have some ,other porn flicks with him, Jordan Shay, Jesse Janes and he does the same thing with them. Go out and rent the Babysitters, Jesse Janes Fuck Fantasy. JJ Pink. The scene with him are GREAT!

Comment #4

Jenna Haze is pretty fuckin hot. I'm more into chicks that are a bit thicker, but when there is a hot chick that is a bit skinnier than I usually like, I find them attractive. Jenna is one of those chicks. She fucks good, and seems to enjoy every scene she does. Scott did a good job in this scene too. The double cum shot was unexpected, but he seemed to still perform good after it. I liked the scenario, as I've meantioned before, you need a Naught Athletics themed site. Overall, this was a great pornstars like it big scene. You should bring Jenna back more often for scenes. 8/10.

Comment #5

A year away from Brazzers and she didn't disappoint and neither did Scott. After watching GSP wipe the floor with Serra, it was good to see someone be able to take a pounding for a change. Pretty damn hot looking for porn but glad she is here. One thing I love to know is can a chick fuck. Jenna Haze proved without a shadow of doubt she can do that. The cowgirl was on point but that doggy was all Rover. Nice touch using the ball for a prop. Damn Scott you pulled off the double cumshot. Great scene with hot sex. She got a nice bum on her too. 2 erect nips, Snoogans!

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