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Scene Title: Brazzers Cribs

Storyline: Jenaveve is chosen to host a brand new episode of Brazzers Cribs and she's ready to give you a guided tour of all the secret rooms of the Brazzers mansion, including the one where she keeps her spanish boy toy Ramon. Ramon will give her what she craves as he fucks the shit out of her with his huge cock.

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What people are saying about: Jenaveve Jolie - Brazzers Cribs pornstarslikeitbig scene

Comment #1

Oh man, I think I am in love! Jenaveve has just about the most perfect body you could imagine, and she is also stunningly pretty. In this scene as the hostess she interacts with the camera very well and her personality really comes across. The sex scene in the bathroom with Ramon is beautiful and so erotic. To those who criticise Jenaveve, I grew up in England in the eighties; Margaret Thatcher was PM, Adult films were illegal and it was generally a pretty depressing and repressive place to be. If someone had told me then that one day I would be able to sit back in the comfort of my own home in front of a magic medium called the internet, and call up really well made sexy films starring girls as beautiful as Jenaveve, I would have laughed at them in disbelief. Some people just do not know how lucky they are, I guess. It is surely up to Jenaveve who she wants to fuck; the fact that she fucks anyone at all and allows us to share in it is a wondrous gift to mankind, and something for which we should all be grateful. That is what I think, anyway.

Comment #2

the pornstars like it big scene is ok, but i've seen better scenes of her... just not on this site. she may have the best ass in porn, but she's somewhat picky on who she works with. she only did one interracial, a few three-somes, but no gangbangs. i won't be able to rest in peace until i see her get the shit fucked out of her by a big black monster cock and/or torn up by a group of big cock mother fuckers!

Comment #3

good scene. hats off to ramon- if you've ever fucked a chick in a tub, you probably know what i'm talking about. it's a real workout. but, with a sizzler like jenaveve on the end of your dick, it's worth it! bad camera work though.

Comment #4

If Jenaveve wants to pursue a career in TV outside of porn, this should be her audition tape. She was awesome and the fact that she's gorgeous doesn't hurt either. Great pornstars like it big scene idea, I enjoyed it. Even tho I'm not a big fan of Ramon, I AM a fan of his f-blastin and the fact that he made her squirt was awesome. The bathtub sex was nice, you guys need more water/wet type scenes. Good scene all the way thru

Comment #5

I'm starting to hate watching other sites. Reason being: I already seen Jenaveve Jolie and Ramon fuck before. I'm sure it happens all the time to. I'm just glad I limit the sites I go to. This should have been the Cribs show they could have replaced with the one with Mariah Carey. Jenaveve looked a helluva lot better too. Still good to know some Ramon scenes are still out there. The sex was actually good in this. My problem was with the drunk camera man. Felt like I was watching Blair Witch Project once the sex started. The camera didn't move that much during the tour of the house. Why did she keep her top on so long anyway? Then it just disappeared. Still a good idea and good chemistry. Snoogans!

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