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Pornstars Like It Big presents: Live Singing Auditions turns out to be Live Fucking Auditions

Scene Title: Brazzers Idol

Storyline: Welcome to Brazzers idol where the contestants sing or suck Mr. English's cock to go to Hollywood... Whitney was horrible at both so she didn't get to go to Hollywood. Jayden on the other hand knew how to suck cock so she went straight for it. This surprised Mr. English and he enjoyed it once August jumped in. They had a blast fucking on the judges table with Randy watching the whole thing and giving Jayden the approval to go to Hollywood..

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What people are saying about: Jayden Jaymes and August - Brazzers Idol pornstarslikeitbig scene

Comment #1

The Good: Most everything. Three blowjobs for the price of one ain't too shabby. I also like the first girl getting talked shit to and then told to go home. After that, it was a pretty normal MFF scene, albeit with Jayden and August in it tearing it up like they do. Both these girls are hot and getting hotter all the time. Good talent, good concept, just good. And August makes a GREAT Paula. The Bad: Will B. Hung. C'mon, guys. I already subscribe to another site for my comedy porn. I come to this one to jerk off, not for biting social satire. The Ugly: Nothing, really. Great stuff all around. Thought Randy was kind of pointless and sort of seemed sad when he left in the beginning, like he's dating one of these girls and couldn't stand to watch. The Bottom Line: 10

Comment #2

lol @ this scene, some really funny shit, I don't even know where to begin. The Will B Hung portion was a little off, but funny nonetheless. And Ben yelling at everyone...and Randy...lol. That first girl giving the bj was looking at the camera too much which was obnoxious. But August and Jayden, damn. They BOTH need more 1-1 scenes; Jayden has same amount of MFF as MF, and August has 4 MFF to 2 MF. That's absurd and has to change for both of them. August looked fucking sickkkk in those jeans. Gotta have scenes wear more girls are wearing jeans. Great sex from everyone, and nice sprinkler-steez $$ shot from Ben, lol.

Comment #3

I would have to agree with Kyle209. Jayden can totally handle a scene by herself. Wow! That guy really unloaded... and the end was priceless. I didn't know Brazzers was so funny. The black guy coming back at the end with his line was a nice touch.

Comment #4

Jayden and August, awesome. Good fun with the whole Idol theme, I would love to see August do more solo scenes for the site, but still, this a good one, Jayden is always a pleasure to see, and the sex for the most part was great, and that was a finish, wow, English was all over the place, I think that was the reason Randy was hiding, lol. Love it: The first girl doing a blowjob, nice bonus. Jayden's outfit was hot. The doggy to August with the jeans still on, very sexy. Jayden Cowgirl, one of the best butts in the site. ASAP: More August solo scenes please.

Comment #5

Oh yeah Jayden and August, this will be hot

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