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Scene Title: Big Cock Phobia

Storyline: Diamond Kitty is being filmed for a porn documentary about her life in the porn biz but the interviewer didn't know about her big dick phobia. When asked about the ability to take huge cock, a look of fear comes over Diamond's face. She then tell her story...

Pornstar: Diamond Kitty

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What people are saying about: Diamond Kitty - Big Cock Phobia pornstarslikeitbig scene

Comment #1

Diamond really is the cutest babe, and that accent has to be the sexiest and sweetest on the site. This was a great scene, very well set up and produced, and the story, which seems somewhat daft, is actually carried through quite well. The sex is excellent, and Keiran adds another humorous, full-blooded performance to his repetoire.

Comment #2

She is incredibly hot! The oral in this pornstars like it big scene is amazing. Her oral skills have improved alot from when she started on ZZ. Keep her scenes coming!!

Comment #3

shes hot but get rid of this doc crap! Its over and over and over and over. We get it! Its a great fantasy! Find another fantasy we all love and don't make it the vet. Thats for other perverts!

Comment #4

Good God she's hot. She was smoking in that outfit.

Comment #5

Nicely done again. I like the combination of reality and story. Nice touch with the black and white look back. She might not have devoured his cock in her mouth but the rest was smooth as butter. He got the fireworks started with some thumping mish. The doggy was so nice that he had to do it twice. The reverse cowgirl was good but damn she showed those Phat Pack skills off in cowgirl. She was bumping and grinding like and R. Kelly song and I didn't see nothing wrong. She went Folgers with the cum trying to get the last drop. Things just keep getting better around here. Snoogans!

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