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Scene Title: The Flash Bandit

Storyline: When a woman becomes a victim of a crime, Detective White takes the case. She brings in the usual suspects of flashers for the victim who was subjected to indecent exposure. The victim can only identify the assailant by the unique size of his penis, but detective White wasn't prepared for it's grand scale. However, she is prepared to do anything to get that big cock inside her tight cunt.

Pornstar: Delta White

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What people are saying about: Delta White - The Flash Bandit pornstarslikeitbig scene

Comment #1

I wasn't into her fake boobs at all, but I had to settle the debate (and I'm a sucker for British beauties): She has a sexy voice which she uses very effectively here. Lots of expression, gets really into it. However! If you mute the scene and just watch her, especially if you take away that eye shadow, she's not into the scene at all. The director was wise to zoom in on her lips, it makes you focus on what she does best -- the voice!

Comment #2

Wow. If any of you people have actually had sex before you would know that this is one of the hottest girls out there. Beautiful face, sexy voice, sensual.. any dumb blond bitch can wag her fake tits and fuck (like in most of these retarded brazzer videos, I will be dumping my account soon), however this my friends is a real woman.

Comment #3

I have to agree with the previous comments. This girl offers very little in terms of personality and action. Its so one dimensional and without feeling. Just isn't good to watch. As others have said, yeah, she's pretty-ish but that it, after that there is nothing to her at all and there is no sign of improvement.

Comment #4

This was a pretty good story. The props were kind of shitty but excellent camera work shielding that setup. I really like Delta. I love her look and her body is truly outrageous. It just seems no matter how good you are fucking her. She never really seems into the scene. She had a few moments of a spark coming off her ass but not nearly enough. The reverse cowgirl wasn't long enough. I do like how she rode his cock in cowgirl though. The doggy is where she was more into the moment. She just needs to be railed and that's all to it. Snoogans!

Comment #5

Delta is one the sexiest girls in the industry right now, but this scene was so blah, it wasn't the hardcore dick-swelling fucking you expect from brazzers. She needs to get more into her fucking and do anal like she mentioned in the last scene. It'd be nice if she fully stripped a little earlier in the scenes too, she's way to hot to keep all covered up!

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