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Scene Title: Czech Mate Part 1

Storyline: Fugitive criminal on the loose Voodoo is on the run in the Czech Republic, US govt agent Johnny Sins is after him. After a wild goose chase, Voodoo finds refuge in Daria Glover's ranch and decides to rest. When she notices how big he's packing, she decides to get some thuggish American cock in her East European tight pussy

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What people are saying about: Daria Glover - Czech Mate Part 1 pornstarslikeitbig scene

Comment #1

This was some production you guys put on here, damn. Respek for that. I laughed my ass off when the chase went in a circle down and up that hill, lol. Daria is kinda hot, and when her natural titties became visible, she got hotter. The Czech banter was hot at first, but then it went a little overboard and became annoying after a while. The sex was good too, and finally you guys came with a dfferent $$ shot. Voodoo is the man, I always thought the dude was good from back in the day, I'm glad he's a regular here on ZZ. Overall tho, great scene due to the overall production that went into it.

Comment #2

Great pornstars like it big scene, I love foreign girls. I love her dirty talking in Czech and the way she fucks is great (she doesn't just lay there and scream). Her imperfect butt is forgivable given her frontal hotness, and her wild pubes lend credence to her succubus-like wantonness. Please bring her back the way she is!

Comment #3

Damn how can anyone not love this pornstars like it big scene. For a porn, that was one of the better foot chases I've ever seen. Voodoo deserves some credit for getting down in some dirty ass creek or stream. I didn't care much for the chick. Didn't like that she didn't have any lips or her ass. I would have liked to of seen her body more tone. Couldn't understand a word she was saying. Just knowing what she was getting at made the scene hot. I'm getting turned on the more I see Voodoo doing his version of reverse cowgirl. That's awesome that you guys are willing to go to the Czech Republic just for your members. Snoogans!

Comment #4

Nothing wrong with having hair down there. Daria's not being given enough cred in these ratings. But I can also see what's dragging the scene's rating down. The 'no speaka Anglais' fantasy works; But at some point; Shut up and just moan. The endless babbling in foreign language distracts from the hot fucking. I'll also admit there were points in the scene that weren't as hot as some of the ace chicks on this site (A Rachel Roxx or Jayden James; For examples) - But I also think some of the viewers automatically 'thumb down' a girl just because she doesn't have the completely unrealistically massive boobs. Nothing wrong with the natural. Still; I'd give it an 8 overall. There were some points worthy of 9; But can't go there mostly because she just wouldn't shut up-!! Lol!

Comment #5

I luv that brazzers are bringing these eastern european girls back. The girls from this area are as sexy and nasty as they come. Hopefully brazzers will get more scenes from the likes of Daria, Angel Dark, Laura Lion and Jane Darling to name a few.

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