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Scene Title: Daphne Crawls On The Couch For Her Dosage of Huge

Storyline: We're impressed at how much this bigtime slut Daphne Rosen just craves HUGE cock! She was so desperate she called up our producer and begged us to find her a big huge cock!! She was so fucking horny she was fingering herself and her ass while on the phone, we couldn't believe it! Well naturally we fulfilled her request and filled up her ass, mouth and pussy with HUGE man meat!

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What people are saying about: Daphne Rosen - Daphne Crawls On The Couch For Her Dosage of Huge pornstarslikeitbig scene

Comment #1

Chris Charming strikes again! Great anal sex with that fat cock of his, and though I'm not gay... I would almost try to get that amazing piece of meat up my tight bum. If I had the chance! Keep up the great work!

Comment #2

Not only is Daphne ultra-fantastic, but for the last several days, so has been almost every one of the gals -- and the scenes -- on the Brazzers site. What's particularly great is the way that the ladies have been dressed and photographed -- in super-tight, super-short micromini dresses and super-tight, super-short shorts -- along with plenty of footage of them parading around in those outfits. We guys LOVE that sort of stuff! So all I can say is: If you keep it up, Brazzers, it virtually guarantees that WE'LL keep it up, too (if you catch my drift!).

Comment #3

I don't care what everyone else says about Daphne. I loved the scene and love her body. She is just perfect....

Comment #4

Fake all over or not, she's still hot as hell. That's the best plastic i've ever seen in my whole damn life.

Comment #5

Incredible tits each time i saw this girl on videos i`ve to do something...10-ass and 10-tits high top score for this chic.

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