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Scene Title: Requiem For a Cream

Storyline: Courtney and Scott are intensely in love. So much so, that they occupy each others' every thought. They push each others' solitude into the corner, believing in each others' love, each others' cream.

Pornstar: Courtney Cummz

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What people are saying about: Courtney Cummz - Requiem For a Cream pornstarslikeitbig scene

Comment #1

Pretty damned impressive pornstars like it big scene, up with anything I have seen in any studio feature. Frequent updates are nice, and there are definitely enough hot pornstars around, but the acting, storyline, direction, etc, make the difference between a scene to remember and one that just sits on the hard drive after 1 viewing. Also, this isn't the typical male dominated cram the cock down her throat and pound the shit out of her type of scene-- and I appreciate it, wish you folks would do more scenes like this.

Comment #2

extremely impressive, best photographed porn this site has ever produced

Comment #3

It's a little odd that this scene is rated only 9.16. This is really high quality stuff. Not just the fucking, which is top shelf. The acting is first class. But, what makes this a really great scene is the abstract plot about two people in porn who find themselves in love. It's a very simple plot, but it's the kind of plot that makes you think and react emotionally while you're jerking off. Rather reminds me of Wet Rainbow, a really classic, highly imaginative and beautifully acted porn movie. My wife's not into porn the way I am, but I might just sneak this onto the flatscreen late at night when my wife and I have some wine and start making out.

Comment #4

great pornstars like it big scene Courtney is smoking as always. big ups to scotty on the acting skills and the sex action. first time I have EVER heard the word UTERUS used in dirty talk, nice. best scene in a couple of weeks.

Comment #5

Out of all the parodies and spoofs that have been done by ZZ. I'd have to guess that this one was Brando's baby. This was done so good, I'm ready to watch the actual movie right now. Brett Brando has a serious gift and we are lucky to have him. Courtney made the masturbation hotter than it should be. I'm a big fan of artistic camera work so this was brilliant. One thing for sure about her. You might not fuck her the way she wants it. However she will fuck you like a rapid wolverine. I was enjoying the doggy just not as much as her. I loved how she would spit the cum back up and he would put it right back in. She's so filthy McNasty in so many ways. Snoogans!

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