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Pornstars Like It Big presents: Agent Cody Lane finds exactly the big cock she needs to fuck her

Scene Title: Big Cock crisis

Storyline: There's a lack of big cocks in the adult industry. This situation is causing a big crisis within the Big Dick Agency. Head manager Sara Jay was told Jordan had been spotted outside Arizona. So she sent agent Cody Lane to go get that BIG COCK back to the agency. Cody had no problems locating him and when she did, she convinced him to get back in the business by riding his BIG FAT COCK and making him cum all over her pretty face!!

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What people are saying about: Cody Lane - Big Cock crisis pornstarslikeitbig scene

Comment #1

Cody is super HOT and cute as hell! However. This guy pisses me off!! She's clearly in some pain when he enters her and he also rapes her mouth....just disgusting how that fucker treats her. I know she's in the porn bizz, but still....makes me mad that a girl so hot would do that.

Comment #2

Cody lane is probably the hottest girl i've ever seen. the onyl thing i cant stand is how she overacts and you can TELL she's faking it. she just shouts more than moans and says FUUUUCK waaay too much. The guy in this video made me laugh because Cody Lane is at his door and he wants nothing better than to sit there playing xbox.

Comment #3

Cody is hot as always. I dont think het titty job is all bad, just the right tit needs to be fixed. The left tit is beautiful. I dont care though she is still fine in my book. I would give it to her as many times as i could before i passed out from exhaustion.

Comment #4

God damn, it's always good to see Cody Lane. This was possibly her best scene of the last three scene's she's been in on Brazzers updates. She worked good with Jordan, and the sex was pretty good. The only thing I didn't care for was Sara Jay in the beginning, could've picked a better looking girl. I'm loving the way Cody has been choking and gagging on the cocks. It's fucking hot. 9/10

Comment #5

JES, really nice, Jordan Rules and Cody lane also^^ superior uber imba cool^^ lol, i gotta tell jordan is good in business and cody lane is HOOOOT

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