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Pornstars Like It Big presents: Charley Chase tackles a huge cock from the streets

Scene Title: Humpin' Forrest

Storyline: Charley just broke up with her boyfriend and she was so upset, she decided to find someone with a big cock. Luckily for her Forrest Hump was just chilling at the park when she met him and with a name like that she knew he had to be packing. So she took him home having no idea of what she was getting into. Forrest had the biggest cock she had ever seen!! She knew his cock was going to make her cum like ever before and she wanted that big load all over her big juggs.

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What people are saying about: Charley Chase - Humpin' Forrest pornstarslikeitbig scene

Comment #1

Charley is incredible, my favorite from this site. But this guy SUCKS! he has absolutely no rythym, would do something for 4 or 5 strokes and then just change for no reason. I've seen Charley get off like crazy when she's having actual good sex, and this doesn't even touch that. Way to be fucking on of the hottest girls you'll ever see and do a terrible fucking job of you autistic looking asshole.

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Comment #3

Charley and Chris that was an amazing pornstars like it big scene. The both of you look hot. Chris that dick is looking longer every week and Charley you have a fucking hot body. Charley thanks for taking an amazing facial and shot to the tits. Chris you know how to sling some cum and keep it cumming!!! Brazzers that was a hot scene and let's see more of Charley Chase that chick is fucking hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment #4

Well, just like everyone said, this cat nailed the part he was born to play. It was done very well. Charlee has some fucking body on her, and damn can she swallow a cock. What makes her even more attrative to me is the fact she looks EXACLTY like a certain girl I know; face, body and everything. The cowgirl was was hot with that thick ass of hers. Her yelling is a little too much, but that's the only knock I have on her. Glad I was able to help inspire this scene.

Comment #5

Very simple movie spoof and you nailed it Brazzers. No possible way to mess this up and I'm glad you used Charley Chase cause she is the shit. I've seen her with Shorty Mac, Castro from MonstersofCock, Billy Glide and now Criss Strokes. If you didn't know Charley loves a huge cock. Besides that she really loves what she does too. I know some get annoyed by Priya and her moans(screams). Charley sounds like she is crying while getting raped. That wasn't her acting exhausted either at the end. She came so many times she probably had stars going round her head. 2 red hot erect nips, Snoogans!

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