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Pornstars Like It Big presents: Cassidey confirms big cock in the neighbourhood

Scene Title: Big Dick Neighbor

Storyline: Cassidey got a tip from a friend that a big dick had just acquired a house in the neighborhood. Being the horny slut that she is , she decided to bring him by a house warming gift. When Ramon arrived to his house , he was more then happy to prove that Cassidey's friend was right, he does have a HUGE cock..

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What people are saying about: Cassidey - Big Dick Neighbor pornstarslikeitbig scene

Comment #1

This was a hot sexy scene! Cassidey knew well to suck and take in that big cock. I would love to tangle with that pretty pussy of hers...mmm. The tats on the ankles looked cool there,I might get another one for myself. A wild and awesome scene they did togrther!! lol

Comment #2

I thought the sex between them was pretty good actually. The fact that Cassidey wouldn't take him into her mouth was shocking, (did he eat asparagus, or something Cassidey) but made for a funny ending. Even though it felt a bit cold, Ramon took charge and made the best of it. So in actuality, we ended up seeing something that we may have not seen otherwise. I loved his inhibition, in that moment when he used his tounge to try and get it into her mouth. The funniest thing though was when he turned her down and told her to take her muffins with her.

Comment #3

Wow. I thought Cassidey was pretty hot in this pornstars like it big scene. I liked how she pleasured herself in the car. I wish the car was still moving while she did that though. It was obvious that you were parked on the drive way because you could see the bush out the back window. Seemed kind of strange to have Ben English in this scene, didn't seem like the best fit for this scene. She quirted 3 or 4 times, which I loved. You got bad angles on all but one, and that still wasn't a great shot but it was much better than the others, at least you could see she squirted. I wouldn't mind seeing more scenes like this where the girl is in the back of the car pleasuring herself before the scene actually starts. I'd like to see more of Cassidey too. It would have been really hot if she would have fucked herself with the phone while she was on it, like Bree Olson did on her website when she was having phone sex with one of her members..that's fucking hot!! Overall, a good scene,better than expected. 8/10.

Comment #4

Cassidey has always been a favorite of mine for years now. Like this update a lot.

Comment #5

FINALLY !!!!! Cassidey is back!!!! She's always been a favorite of mine too!!!

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