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Scene Title: The crazy fan

Storyline: The last thing Brooke Haven expected to do during her door to door survey routine was to knock on Billy Glide's door!! She is such a fan of Billy's and his big fat cock that when he opened the door she went crazy and begged him to let her try that cock!! Billy of course wouldn't say no to such a hot babe like Brooke so he let her in and fucked the hell out of this crazy big cock lover.

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What people are saying about: Brooke Haven - The crazy fan pornstarslikeitbig scene

Comment #1

the concept of this episode is great.. but how many times is brooke going to say that fucking billy is a chance of a lifetime... i think she said that about 200 times here on this episode.. imagine if she was fucking PETER NORTH, shell have a heart attack

Comment #2

I guess I didn't see what everyone else saw. This pornstars like it big scene was slow and dragged on. She stared at his cock in his for two minutes before she pulled it out. Then the striptease was shitty because it was filmed from the floor up. Let's not forget that she would not SHUT THE FUCK about his cock. Nice queef though. Snoogans! Cockonut: you got proof of that cock that's the size of Billy?

Comment #3

It's hard to imagine that anything as preposterous, silly and vulgar as this scene would be so much fun to watch. This is one of those guilty pleasures. I had my pants off in no time and ended up with a tremendous orgasm watching these two fuck. Great stuff!

Comment #4

This is a very hot scene with Billy and Brooke the way she's talking that she want his big cock it's make me horny its make for me a special scene because I have a big cock like Billy.

Comment #5

hot chick no doubt. but after downloading the pornstars like it big scene I started to click forward till the cum shot and every time I clicked a few minutes ahead brooke was yapping away. I agree with the other guys. get these girls to shut the fuck up because the longer they talk the more fake the scenes become. add another guy to shove a cock in their mouths if you have to. Or surprise them with a cock in the ass so we can get an honest reaction out of them.

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