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Pornstars Like It Big presents: Amy Ried needs jizz to be cured

Scene Title: I am Cock

Storyline: The story of the last man on earth…with a huge cock! He's the only survivor of a virus that has turned every woman on the planet into Big Cock Craving Zombies. He has the antidote in his sperm and will have to fuck them all, one by one, in order to turn them back into humans before they fuck him to death.

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What people are saying about: Amy Ried - I am Cock pornstarslikeitbig scene

Comment #1

the more sadistic and evil the better. The naughtier the sexier! Amy Reid looks so hot and innocent the more devilish and demonic she can be the better! WOW!

Comment #2

AWESOME!!! More hollywood hits!

Comment #3

Shit, whether you like the storyline or not, you HAVE to give it up for the production ZZ does for their scenes. It is top-of the line, no doubt. The spoof was done well, and yet again, props for the great set. Amy's body is so sick I'm gonna puke. The fucking was sick, and the RCG was by far the best. The camerawork was shaky and could have been better, and it would have been hotter if AR kept with the hissing for the whole time, but this was still a great scene.

Comment #4

Amy is drop dead gorgeous but the lighting was piss poor and we never got really good shots of sweet pussy throughout the entire secene. I'm disappointed.

Comment #5


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