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Pornstars Like It Big presents: Gina and Nikki and the prowl for some massive big cock

Scene Title: The Impostor

Storyline: Nikki Benz is training newbie Gina Lynn as the newest member of the Big Dick Agency. They have captured a guy who claims to be Johnny Sins and have a huge dick, but the girls quickly find out hes faking it. They manage to question the impostor until he breaks and tells them where the real Johnny Sins is.

Pornstar: Gina Lynn and Nikky Benz

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Pornstars Like It Big Gina Lynn and Nikky Benz Video Trailer

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What people are saying about: Gina Lynn and Nikky Benz - The Impostor pornstarslikeitbig scene

Comment #1

this pornstars like it big scene was to perfect...i could see flaws...if i'm paying to incredible woman to suck a fuck a guy off, I wouldn't stop, to tell them to get each other seemed lacking in that department..when one girl wasn't getting it right...I felt the other wasnt' licking and rubbing enough...I would of said cut right away, then told the her to do it right....I always like it when the women can fuck each other as well as hard as they fuck the guy...after all the perfect threesome is when everyone is getting theres..didnt' quite feel it.

Comment #2

Nikki Benz and Gina Lynn armed and in sexy swat uniforms! Nice! And the pornstars like it big scene was nicely written. But the way those 2 hot blondes pulled it off was the best! Nikki played her part so well and looked very hot. About as hot as I've seen her. The way she urged & "drove" Gina on to take that man meat and then showing her how to take it was the right way to go! Fucking awesome! Gina Hot Body is the total package! Gina has the uncanny ability at times to make a scene as if it was her first. This scene is no exception. Nobody knows how to work her ass, legs and feet like her. Better than any other chick on this site and she does it so naturally. The scene on the table is great eye candy with Gina pointing her toes and spreading her legs wide to take as much of Johnny Sins meat as she can manage. And the x-tra bonus - (Nikki): Now Gina if u can make him cum ur in the agency - ur in baby! And does she! Johnny is starting to spew even before he gets to that not too bad pop shot on those pretty faces...Nicely done Brazzers!

Comment #3

nikki is the best pornstar ever and a true whore, keep her coming. i do prefer nikki as a blonde though and her new look has way improved ... nikki is one hot chick

Comment #4

What a hott pornstars like it big scene!! gotta love Nikki and Gina they are the hottest in the biz!! i would love to lick their sweeeeeeet pussies and lick there asssholes!! more of the two of them!!

Comment #5

Nikki Benz straight up owned the beginning of this scene. Dude had no clue what he was in for when she was punking him. She even referenced about Puma and Keiran. At first I just thought Gina was really playing her role perfectly. Then I was like wait she's a pornstar. No way she can act this well. She has no business being matched up with the Greek God ever again. I mean he even rattled Benz some but she stayed with it. For the length of this scene, why be so limited in positions? Gina and her curvy ass not in cowgirl is a waste. I hated seeing these chicks off to the side while the other did her thing. The best angle of the scene was Nikki and Johnny in sixty-nine and Gina's ass off to the side. Snoogans!

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